Victor LED Lighting

Company Overview

Team Advantages
The advantages come from: 1.Completely talents team: Light, mechanic, electricity, industry and aesthetics. Majority team members have relevant operating and management experiences over 20 years, they have superb understanding on LED luminaires techniques and markets, the team has accumulating great experiences to develop mature markets as well. 2.Completely practice experience: 2005-now 3.Industrialization and R&D in depth: To allocate patent with collaborating and developing technologies, till now, has applied over 50 patents. 4. Continuously developments: To collaborate and develop with research institution in CAS and SSSRI. 5. Capital launching: Around $6 million for R&D since 2005
Macromolecule thin film vacuum coating technology: SIOC An inert coating with excellent insulating and thermoplastic ability, remain ideal coating without pinhole affects. Friction coefficient from 0.25 to 0.33, which is closer to Teflon. High turbulence nanometer material processing technology: Organic Chemistry Engineering Center Re=6.6 X 105,due to the inertial, materials are mashed effectively with the turbulence energy delivered by mechanic devices, reduce invalidly consuming. High heat-transfer black lead board technology: ICC Use black lead as raw material, developed the technology to improved black lead to be extremely 3D heat dispersion material. High efficiency nitrogen fluorescence powder techniques: Organic Chemistry Engineering Center Use nitrogen fluorescence power as raw material, integrate with advanced encapsulation technology and material, to achieve the stable apparatus. CFPR technology:ICC +techniques: Organic Chemistry Engineering Center Use carbon fiber as raw material, CFRP as the force tendon , developed an intensively and durable light pole





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